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you know the triple hs. the summer sun is bearing down on us. but just wait, it will be even hotter tomorrow. we could hit triple digits. so you think it's hot now, just hold on. he will low, i'm jim handly. >> and i'm barbara harrison in for pat lawson muse this evening. there's already a heat advisory in effect. >> veronica is out in it now. she joins us from outside nbc studios here in northwest d.c. how hot are we now, veronica? >> right now, the heat index, guys, over 100 degrees. and i am standing, not sitting, because on the picnic table behind me with my infrared thermometer, that temperature on the seat is reading 126 degrees. throughout the area, we've got high humidity, we've got high heat. tomorrow, likely to be even worse. we're due to see even higher temperatures tomorrow, as a matter of fact. we could be looking at tying the record temperature for tomorrow. that record, 99 degrees from 1908. right now, we're at 94 degrees, and with a little bit of a
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breeze, the wind at 12 miles per hour, feels like 105. a few clouds, at least, overhead with a hazy sky. and speaking of the sky conditions and speaking of the conditions throughout the area, hazy conditions and poor air quality for today. we're going to see levels not much better for tomorrow. code orange on air quality, and that means unhealthy for any sensitive groups. let's move through the graphics and talk temperatures throughout the rest of the area. our temperatures throughout running in the mid 90s throughout. and, again, high humidity is with us. as far as this evening goes, it is going to be a very steamy evening. steamy evening, again, with high temperatures coming up tomorrow. there is a slight chance that some of us with some storms building off to the west, there's a slight chance we could see a few showers and thunderstorms coming through early part of the day tomorrow. but we've got one more day of extremely high heat. coming up, your full forecast in a few minutes. >> come back inside, veronica,
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thanks. >> yeah, cool off. today president obama raised the stakes in the ongoing battle over the budget. he said he would veto any short term extension of the bill to raise the debt ceiling. >> and he urged both sides to find some common ground before it's too late. steve handelsman has our report. >> reporter: with three weeks to go, president obama set a compromise to avoid a federal default is being blocked by the republicans. >> i do not see a path to a deal if they don't budge, period. >> reporter: but as today's talks began at the white house, republicans would not budge on taxes. speaker john boehner has learned a lesson. tea party freshmen, like james langford, on the floor today, will vote no on any tax hikes. >> i believe we have a debt crisis, not a debt ceiling vote crisis. >> reporter: boehner once believed he could ram through a ten-year deal, including small tax hikes, if tax rates didn't rise. >> but the american people will
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not accept and the house cannot pass a bill that raises taxes on job creators. >> reporter: democrats, he said, have to accept that. >> but it takes two to tango. and they're not there yet. >> reporter: president obama says he doesn't want to slow the recovery either. >> nobody is looking to raise taxes right now. we're talking about potentially 2013 and theous years. >> reporter: mr. obama says he's ready to battle his own democrats and cut entitlements. >> it's not going to get easier, it's going to get harder. so we might as well do it now, pull off the band-aid. eat our peas. >> reporter: both sides agreed, they have to make a deal in three weeks, and it's good that they're still talking. but it looks like the final agreement will be for fewer years, and for less red ink reduction if there is a final agreement. i'm steve handelsman, news4 at the white house. >> the president also committed to meeting with lawmakers every
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day until a deal is reached. barbara? secretary of defense leon panetta arrived in iraq sunday after a visit to afghanistan. it's his first visit since taking office july 1st. three or four rockets hit the green zone in baghdad early this morning, an apparent signal from insurgents that they were aware of panetta's arrival. 15 soldiers were killed in iraq last month. panetta said iraqi extremists are being armed by iran with sophisticated weapons they're using to find and kill american forces. >> we're very concerned about iran and weapons they're providing to extremists here in iraq. and the reality is that we've seen the results of that in june. we lost a hell of a lot of americans as a result of those attacks. >> reporter: secretary panetta also said he is requesting that
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iraqi security forces step up security for american troops. if that doesn't happen, he said he has the sole authority to order u.s. military forces to conduct combat operations against the insurgents. the fbi is leading an investigation into the discovery of a stun gun on board a jetblue airplane. cleaning staff found the device, which closely resembles a smartphone in the back seat pocket of a plane at newark international airport friday. the plane originated in boston. the fbi says it's identified the person in the seat who used the pocket but has not definitively linked that traveler to the weapon. it also says it does not appear the stun gun was intended for use in an attack. one person was killed and several others hurt when a train smashed into a tractor-trailer in maine. it happened late this morning, about 40 miles south of portland. authorities and witnesses say the crash caused a big explosion that sent flames shooting three stories high. the driver of the truck died on the scene. some passengers on the plane
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were taken to the hospital. police in prince george's county have arrested a woman in the murder of a convenience store clerk. 69 year-old richard chung sung nom was killed in blatensburg. then police say a fire was set to cover it up. today police arrested 23-year-old ashley owens of hyattsville and charged her with murder that ended in arson. they tell us surveillance video was key to solving this case. >> mr. nam went out of his way by all accounts to assist the community in any way he could. he was well-known to customers, well-known to fellow business owners, by all accounts was just a good partner in that community. >> members of the community are relieved now, knowing that the murder has been solved. pat collins will have a full report on this story coming up live on news4 at 5:00. montgomery county police are investigating a deadly
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pedestrian accident in germantown. investigators say 20-year-old dominique mcfarland chase was trying to cross a road when he was struck and killed. those who saw the accident say it was very dark in the area. >> witnesses advised that the subject was not crossing in a crosswalk, crossing diagonally at the time of the crash, and the driver of the car, a 55-year-old germantown man, remained on the scene. >> so far this year, montgomery county has experienced fewer pedestrian accidents than last year. there have been five compared to seven at this time a year ago. a woman is dead today, and a dog is missing after a deadly crash in prince william county. this accident happened yesterday afternoon on james madison highway in hay market. police say a minivan crossed the double yellow line and hit an rv head-on. two people escaped unharmed, but the driver of the van, 72-year-old charlotte perry, died. the van was carrying a dog like this one. a great pyrenees. the dog was in a cage.
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the collision forced the cage open, and the dog ran off. if you see the dog, you're urged to call police. starting today, you can reserve tickets to visit the new national 9/11 memorial trade site in new york city. it opens the 12th of this year, one day after the ten-year anniversary of the deadly attacks. log on to 9/ to reserve passes. the passes will be for specific times. only 1,500 people at a time can fit on the site. funeral services for former first lady betty ford will begin tomorrow in california. the wife of former president gerald ford died friday at the age of 93. this will be two services, one tomorrow morning in palm springs. fellow first lady rosalyn carter is expected to speak at that service. she will be laid to rest in grand rapids, thursday, next to
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her late husband. when we come back on news4 at 4:00 this afternoon, almost free. one week before casey anthony's release, her lawyer says he is worried about her once she gets outside of prison walls. plus, 'tis the season for bites and stings. mosquitoes, ticks and even bees. we'll tell you how to know when a bite is more than just a nuisance. >> and what would you do if you found yourself on a plane with playing with your friends?
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all right. bug bites and stings are for the most part a normal itchy part of summer here in washington. occasionally, though, an insect bite or sting can cause serious problems. so how do you know when a simple ice pack or some california calamine lotion can bring relief or if it's serious? joining us, dr. jackie. good to see you. >> thank you. >> let's start with one that scarce a lot of people out there bees. >> they're deadly and unfortunately the deadliness can come fast.
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so people can get short of breath, loss of consciousness. they can stop breathing. but fortunately, that's a very, very rare situation. most people just get a large local reaction, the venom does its job, they get red, hitcitchd hot. it's the one allergy that is not genetic. so just because your grandfather had a bad allergy to bee stings, you don't have worry. also very rare for kids under 16. >> fleas and ticks. >> it's in the backyard, mostly comes on your pets, cats and dog, but can be attracted to you. the thing to worry about is lyme disease. you'll get the bull's eye rash and then the flu like symptom. >> and that's how ticks make us sick. how do we remove them? >> there's a trick to this. and the right way really is take the tweezers right up to the head of the tick, gently pull and get the whole tick out. do not do what your grandmother may have told you, which is take a match to it, a lot of hair on
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fire as a result on that. and do not smother it in vaseline. both will only make the tick burrow in further. you want to get it off in the first 24 to 48 hours. >> act fast. mosquitoes, a lot of us are swatting, starting to feel the itches with them. how big a danger do they pose and what are the best bug sprays? >> the danger they pose is a big one, west nile virus, very rare. most get the itchy, red reaction. they think it's allergic, you can't die from it, it's not that kind of reaction. best bug spray is something that has deet. kids up to 10, adults up to 30. realize they only last a couple hours maximum. that's what the increase in deet does is gives you more hours. >> so you need to keep replying. >> yes. >> let's talk about one that creeps people out, spiders and spider bites. >> just in time for harry potter. here comes the spider stuff. what you'll get -- most people
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don't know they have been bitten and it will come a couple days later and be that hot red reaction. for those and mosquito bites, be careful of infections. if you've got something going on a couple weeks later, you probably have an infection. >> give us tips on what we can do for most bites. >> so for most average bug bites, they itch so use an anti histamine. they are painful, so use ibuprofen or tylenol. and regular old over the counter hydrocortiso hydrocortisone. as well as what you said, particularly for bee stings, ice packs. and make sure you take the stinger out for the bee stings. >> wow. and finally, the bee stings seem to be the most serious. >> and what you really need know about that, if you or somebody you know has the life threatening allergy to stinging insects, they need to see an allergist. it's not a matter of walking
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around with an epipen, there's life saving treatment, encourage them to see an allergist. >> important advice. dr. jackie, thanks. you've got us scratching and swatting, too. >> have a happy summer. >> good to see you again. >> thank you. >> thank you, dr. jackie. barbara, over to you. >> thank you. there's been a bit of a baby boom in hollywood over the weekend. actress kate hudson gave birth to a y. he doesn't have a name yet, the baby. victoria beckham delivered a baby girl sunday. they named her harper seven. victoria and soccer star david beckham already have three sons. the parenting skills of octomom nadya suleman apparently didn't sit well with a hollywood actress on a plane with her over the weekend. kristin johnson, best known for her role in "third rock from the sun" complained to suleman about the noise were from her 14 kids. the plane had been stuck for two
4:17 pm
hours. nadya suleman asked her how she should keep them quiet. kristen reportedly said get more help. nadia apparently told her, why don't you grow a baby and get a life? kristin reportedly got off the plane and didn't come back. pepco responds to a clear message from consumers. they're fed up. plus a busy two days in the states, wil and kate carry on a family tradition and prove that america's fascination with royalty lives on. and for all your news, be sure to
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the people who walked these streets before us were just like you and me -- with hopes, dreams, challenges. today, we do more than just walk the same streets. for a moment, we get to walk in their shoes, preparing us for what lies ahead down our next road. colonial williamsburg. be part of the story. plan your stay at, with packages starting at just $99 per person per night.
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it is a scorcher out there today, isn't it? >> like we have to tell you. >> i was just out there. >> feels like it. what's the thermometer say? >> the thermometer says we're in the mid 90s, but the thermometer also says, when you look at the humidity, the dew point temperatures, that those are in the mid 70s. so it's sticky. so yesterday we got the heat. today now it's heat and humidity. all that spreading east. and tomorrow is going to be one of those days where you will want to keep an eye on it, not
4:21 pm
just yourself, but anyone else, keep an eye, make sure you guys take plenty of breaks and make sure you drink lots of water. 93, the temperature now, the dew point temperature at 75 degrees. so factor in that moisture, the humidity, and it feels like 105 degrees. look at this throughout the area. 97 degrees, frederick, maryland and mt. airy, to 95 in fredericksburg, virginia. those dew point temperatures are up some 10 to 15 degrees compared to yesterday at the same time. in the 60s back in elkins and roanoke, virginia but into the mid 70s here. and, again, you factor the two together, and you're in a range between 101 and 105 throughout this area in maryland, d.c. and virginia. the other thing we're talking about is the fact we could get just a few showers or thunderstorms coming through the area, i think, late tonight, maybe a few left over for early part of the day tomorrow. right now where that system is, off to the west. and there's a severe thunderstorm watch. and even some warnings that are up until 10:00 p.m. for areas of
4:22 pm
west virginia and that pocket of southwest virginia. there's the front, and some storms. so, again, could have a chance of a few coming through our area around 10:00, 11:00 p.m. and maybe a few left for early tomorrow morning. and then another chance ahead of the front once we heat up the atmosphere all over again tomorrow. some storms could pop during the afternoon. but i've got to tell you, just one more day of temperatures in the mid and upper 90s. one more oppressive, sweltering day tomorrow. and then we're going to start cooling down. big area of high pressure coming in, and we're going to be left with some very nice conditions for the remainder of the workweek. at least nice by summer standards. 89 to 85 degrees, temperatures falling off. a chance tomorrow morning, again, of a few showers, maybe some thundershowers. the temperatures, though, will be very warm. 72 to 78 degrees. tomorrow's high temperature, 97 to 101. so it will be hazy, hot, humid. can't stress enough, too, the poor air quality for tomorrow.
4:23 pm
unhealthy air quality is expected for sensitive groups. so from 100 degrees tuesday to wins at 91. but with less humidity. thursday will feel pretty nice, guys, at 86 degrees, much less humidity around the area, and some sunshine, and then 87 degrees for friday. so that's the way it's looking right now, coming up in a couple minutes, we'll look at the ex tedded forecast next weekend and even a look at your beach and boating forecast. >> we've got to earn those nice days tomorrow. >> yes, we do. that. >> would be good for tomorrow, if we didn't have to work. thanks a lot. well, d.c. ranks at the top of rebounding housing markets. the real estate firm, clear capital says by year's end, average home prices in our area will climb more than 7%. and regain a third of the value lost since 2006. meanwhile, prices nationally are expected to drop more than 3% before 2012. clear capital named virginia beach the worst performinging major housing market in the
4:24 pm
country. and blamed high unemployment as a factor. other top performing markets in the report include new york, orlando, dallas and san francisco. pepco comes out on top of a list that means it's actually at the bottom of the heap. >> yeah, according to the american customer satisfaction index group, pepco is the most disliked company in the country. the utility company ranked dead last in customer satisfaction, because of complaints about poor service, high prices and privacy intrusions. pepco responded today by saying that they have made significant improvements over the past year to improve customer satisfaction. here's a good story if you're selling a house, o -- well, let me tell you this first. next on the most hated list. delta, time warner and comcast, the parent company of nbc universal which owns nbc 4. charter, usairways, bank of
4:25 pm
america also made the list. a music venue finds itself on the other end of that spectr spectr spectrum. the 930 club is receiving high praise from billboard magazine. >> the second most influential and second hottest in the country. the ratings based on box office sales and reviews from top concert promoters. it's 4:25, and still to come on news4 at 4:00, casey anthony will be released from jail in a week. why her lawyer says he's worried about what will happen to her when she gets her freedom. plus, the program that saves money on everything gallon of gas you buy. but there's a catch that could cost you in the end. and watching your weight and having everyone else watch it too. if everyone knew what you were eating, would you eat less? . and we had had some breaking news. news. 270 and this is my cvs.f ai'm c,
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and welcome back, everybody, at 4:00, i'm jim handly. >> i'm barbara harrison. crews are on the scene of a gas main break in clarksburg.
4:29 pm
northbound lanes of i-270 shut down. clarksburg shut down in both directions. . >> assistant fire chief scott graham with montgomery county fire rescue joins us on the phone. chief, tell us what happened, and how dangerous a situation are we looking at right now? >> jim, good afternoon. the situation is that at the end of the exit ramp for northbound 270 to clarksburg road, which is route 121, construction has been going on for some time. they were digging and severed a six-inch gas main. that is a pretty significant line, a pretty significant size. it feeds the clarksburg area here, not only the industrial areas adjacent to 270, but also the residential areas. the break is significant in size. we have a lot of gas being released. we do have washington gas on the scene, as well as the construction company safety personnel.
4:30 pm
and we have isolated an area northbound 270, as well as clarksburg road from the whalen lane area, all the way up to route 55 are shut down. the crews right now, fire rescue crews, are providing protection for the wss -- or i'm sorry, the washington gas group, as well as the construction group. they're working together to try to get this shut down and clamped off. >> chief graham, are there homes in that area, and if so, are you calling for any evacuations? >> there are homes that approximately 1,000 yards from the actual break itself. we do have fire rescue crews monitoring the atmosphere going into the building, taking gas readings in the commercial buildings, as well as sampling in the residential structures. right now, we have a breeze 8 to 10 miles per hour helping dissipate the leak. the leak was sounding like a freight train. first arriving units on the
4:31 pm
scene, so they knew they had something significant broken. >> we are looking at live pictures, chief, from chopper 4. i-270, major artery out of washington. how long before this might be repaired, and those northbound lanes reopened? >> well, i don't like to speculate. the first and foremost thing is the safety of the crews working, as well as the fire and rescue personnel here protecting them. we want to do it safely, we want to make sure that everything is done properly, so i'm not going to speculate on time. the area that you're looking at between the smaller white trucks, and you'll see a large excavator there, that is the exact area of the break. we have fire rescue units staged close to it. you can see the dirt and the dust cloud basically that's being emitted because of the force of the gas coming through that hole. as i said earlier, it is a pretty significant break, and we
4:32 pm
may be here for a good period of time. >> chief clarksburg, once again, i-270 shut in both directions in the clarksburg area? >> i'm not sure. i'm about to get a briefing at the command post. northbound 270, as you can see from the helicopter, pretty much shut down. we will get the major artery open as soon as possible, but first and foremost concern is the safety of the gas crews and the fire rescue crews shutting this thing down. >> chief, one other question for you, and then we'll let you get about your business. what might residents in the area notice? will this affect them in their homes? >> yeah, if they have service coming into their homes, they're obviously going to be without service until this is mitigated. we will work with washington gas in making all of the appropriate notifications to the residents, as well as those businesses. the brick commercials that you see parallel to 270 on the east side of 270 will work with them.
4:33 pm
will work with washington gas in getting anything re-established into the residence as well as commercial. so they'll notice they don't have any gas pressure, they don't have any gas service. depending on where this feed is running, if it's only running to the commercials or to the residential areas, we're not certain at this point. but as a precaution, we're monitoring both of those areas. >> all right. a lot of information for us, assistant fire chief scott graham with montgomery county. chief, we thank you for taking time out with us. we appreciate it. again, we're starting to see those cars back up there. northbound lanes of i-270, right as we head into the rush hour. a six-inch gas main, significant break, even though we just say six inches, this is a major line here. and this is a very dangerous situation right now that we're looking at in clarksburg, maryland. we'll keep you up to date as we get more information on news4. and in other news at this hour, casey anthony will be released from a florida jail this weekend, but her lawyer says he is worried about her
4:34 pm
well-being and safety once she reenters society. anthony was acquitted last week of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, caylee. during an appearance on the "today" show this morning, cheney mason says he doesn't know where anthony will go when she is freed from jail and says she will need counseling after spending nearly three years behind bars. he also says the testimony that her father sexually abused her was not a defense trick. >> the allegation wasn't -- it was in the public eye from letters before that. sometimes testimo in trial doesn't turn out to be what you expect it to be. so nothing more about that. >> mason also feels that anthony's relationship with her parents is, quote, pretty much burned since the trial. records show her mother, cindy anthony, tried to visit her daughter in jail last friday, but casey refused to see her. well, seems just as soon as william and kate were here in
4:35 pm
the u.s., they're gone. the royal couple is back home in the u.k. now after a tour of north america. it was quick. wil and kate stopped in the u.s. for barely 48 hours, and it sure didn't seem long enough for all of their stateside fans. declaration of independence aside, americans can't seem to get enough of the royals. peter alexander has the story. >> reporter: any hard feelings left over from the american revolution have clearly dissipated in 235 years. the arrival this weekend of a charming young prince and his striking new bride has rekindled our love affair with british royalty. from king george vi and the king mother to charles and lady di, they have all crossed the pond to introduce themselves in person. like that first white house trip for william's parents in 1985. nothing says welcome to america like a dance with travolta. later, we were along for the ride on the royals' first trip
4:36 pm
to disney. the first reigning monarchs ever to stop on american soil, william's great grandparents in 1939 with europe on the brink of war. queen elizabeth first arrived just in time for the u.s. bicentennial in 1976. she spoke about the special link between our two countries. >> your declaration of independence broke that link, but it did not for long break our friendship. >> reporter: you've heard of the king's speech, but the queen's comments in 1991 may be equally hard to forget. >> thank you for your warm welcome to washington. >> reporter: the talking hat speech, they called it. i'll leave it to you to figure out why. she had a sense of humor about it, too. >> i do hope you can see me today from where you are. >> reporter: her inaugural trip to the ball game that year, parodied in "the naked gun." why are americans so fascinated by your royalty? >> because they're untouchable, exclusive, and whenever they
4:37 pm
come to america they sprinkle some fairy dust with them. >> reporter: our affection is no secret. who else but the prince and princess could draw thousands of american fans for polo? it's kate's trip ever to the u.s., of course, with her husband in tow. if the reception their family has received here is any indication, don't be surprised if they're back again soon. peter alexander, nbc news, santa barbara, california. despite the recent price drop in gas prices, drivers are still experiencing pain at the pump. but there's another way to save on gas that you may want to look into. chris clackum has details. >> reporter: seeing how two out of three of us use plastic to pay at the gas pumpses, personal finance experts are pushing people to look at using cashback or reward cards to reduce your per gallon cost. with rebates ranging from 1 to 5%, the savings add up. >> if you're one of those people, you really -- these really can benefit you. you can save $100, couple hundred in a year, which is not
4:38 pm
nothing, you know? >> reporter: but katie hill at also has a stern warning about falling into a bad habit with cards of all types. >> the interest rates on most rewards cards, not just gas rewards cards, but rewards cards in general tend to be higher than your average credit card. so that makes them dangerous if you don't pay off your balance in full each month. >> reporter: hill says, provided you pay off the bill monthly, then these$v they're using these as a way to keep their consumer base, keep you loyal, and you'll keep spending there. >> reporter: even if you're not a heavy gas user, reward cards in general can make the fill-up less frightful. chris clackum, nbc news. and there's more to come on news4 at 4:00. an update from nasa about that big piece of space junk getting close to the shuttle. plus, the age of
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at the university of virginia, some girls say guys in ties, girls in pearls.
4:42 pm
it may be behind the new label as preppiest in the nation, but according to the "huffington post," it's not what it used to be. it used to refer to upper class people who attended exclusive, private schools. but now it's more a loose term, referring to people who play lacrosse and wear boat shoes with no socks and polos. while the old-school prep may still exist as uva students say the population is very diverse. and we know somebody else who wears their boat shoes with no socks. >> not on workdays. okay. there's a social network, it seems for everything. and one of the newest ones wants to be next. weight watchers. king or queen. foodsy is basically you versus your friends in a weight loss competition. check-ins include what you eat or drink with a calorie count for each. you don't have to compete. youa akself.óa b >> neitherbl3ei righti especial.
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i don't care at this point. yeah. >> neither do i. >> when we come right back on news4 at 4:00, mice in space. the final shuttle mission has
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4:45 pm
we're following breaking news in montgomery county. crews are on the scene of a gas main break. it's happening near clarksburg road and i-270 in clarksburg, a
4:46 pm
live picture from chopper 4. northbound lanes of i-270 being shut down, both northbound and southbound now shut down, as a matter of fact. clarksburg road is shut down in both directions, as well. it's been a busy day up in space. "atlantis" astronauts pulled a giant cart out of the space schul shuttle and attached to the space station. it's filled with 5 tons of food and clothing and other supplies to keep the space station going for at least another year. nasa, meanwhile, has determined that some space debris that's suppose to swing by the station tomorrow poses no threat, so no need to reposition the outpost. this is nasa's final space station mission. besides delivering spare parts and supplies, "atlantis" has another mission. >> scientists are hoping they learn in zero gravity how millions of people at risk for osteoporosis back here on earth can handle it.
4:47 pm
erica edwards has thattory. story. >> reporter: with the launch of "atlantis," history and hopefully a new treatment for osteoporosis. >> 4.5 million pounds of hardware and humans. >> reporter: and 30 mice floating in micro gravity, half treated with an experimental osteoporosis drug, the other half with a placebo, sent up by this man who got to see the launch in person. >> we actually watched from right there. >> reporter: he's the university of north carolina's dr. ted bateman. >> i'm a really big space geek. >> reporter: space geek, or more appropriately, an expert in bone loss during space flight. >> astronauts lose bone more rapidly than women on earth. >> reporter: that's because bones are designed to hold us up under the pressure of gravity, but in space, bones don't get the pressure they need to thrive, leading to a loss of bone mass. space exploration has been
4:48 pm
pivotal. scientists have known about and studied micro gravities effects on bones and muscles since the 1970s. it's the perfect environment for bateman's latest research. >> existing drugs stop the process of bone loss. this drug would hopefully build new bone and increase bone mass. >> reporter: increasing bone mass would effectively reverse osteoporosis. if accomplished, it would be another leap forward for the world of medicine. erica edwards, nbc news. well, we've got to find some leap forward to get this heat out of here. >> exactly. well, at least this latest heatwave for us, a short one. we've got just one more day to go, and that will be tomorrow with record heat around the area. current temperatures at 93 degrees, boy, it is sticky and steamy out there. just came in a couple minutes ago. 105, the heat index, currently. on the radar, don't have any showers to rorngs but that pink you see off to the west of virginia, that's a severe thunderstorm watch. and there will be some storms moving through and into other our area by 9:00 and 10:00 p.m.
4:49 pm
right now, no watch for us, but we could be looking at afternoon storms tomorrow. we'll have the possibility of morning storms, too. 78 to 74 degrees from d.c. over to warrenton. 76 in st. mary's early tomorrow morning. and look at the high temperature. 100 degrees tomorrow. look it at that water temperature at the beach, 73 degrees. so nice at the beach if you're lucky enough to get there. wednesday will be nice. here, the high just 91 with much lower humidity. and then we'll have thursday and friday in the mid to upper 80s around the area. next chance of rain after that, saturday, guys, first half of the weekend. >> the ocean city mayor on midday tomorrow at 11:00 a.m., talking about the beach and how many people are going there to stay cool this summer. >> good for them. and coming up on news4, a stern warning from police investigating phone hacking allegations against britain's biggest tabloid. i'm wendy rieger, coming up, it won't fill your stomach, but
4:50 pm
it could fill your wallet. details about a traveling truck that will start making pit stops tomorrow. flash sales. they're all the rage online, but you could end up paying more than you bargained for. liz crenshaw is going to explain liz crenshaw is going to explain how to maximize your purch
4:51 pm
worker #1: over 8,000 people have jobs in ohio thanks to whirlpool. worker #2: and one reason whirlpool is in ohio is freight rail. worker #3: we ship tens of millions of appliances every year. worker #1 or 2: washers, dryers, ovens. worker #4: and freight rail helps get them from warehouse to your house. vo: freight rail businesses across this country rely on it.
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safe. reliable. efficient. affordable. it's the engine that hauls our economy. driver: coming soon to an appliance store near you... with the help of freight rail! ♪ [ bleats ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] bring the fresh flavors of the world right to your table. ♪ discover sabra dips. adventure awaits. spain's sand festival continued today with a daily running of the bulls. thousands packed the streets to
4:53 pm
catch today's actions. on friday, four people were injured, including an australian man who was gored in the leg. police say he was gored inside the bull ring at the end of the route. they say he was taunting the bull from close-up when the bull lunged at him. hey, if you're looking for a freeway to beat the heat out there today, just head to your local 7-eleven. >> today is july 11th and their birthday. they're giving away free slurpees. you don't need a coupon, but you have to pay if you want anything larger than their smallest size. 7-eleven is expecting to give away somewhere around 5 million free slurpy's today. i would like to just latch my lips under there. today, whoa, can't give me enough. they are sweet, but cold. >> yeah, cold would help. still ahead on news4, renewed outrage over alleged phone hacking by "news of the world" staff. critics say they tapped into the phone lines of a murdered 13-year-old boy.
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
british police say they are extremely concerned and disappointed over leaks in their investigation into phone hacking by "news of the world" employees. scotland yard says release of evidence could jeopardize their
4:57 pm
investigation. "news of the world" shut down amidst the allegation they hacked into the phones of celebrities, crime victims and even the prime minister. stephanie gosk has the story from london. >> reporter: the tabloid "news of the world" is finished, but the allegations keep coming in. today british media says former prime minister gordon brown is accusing the "sunday times," another murdoch paper of illegally pursuing private medical and financial information about him and his family. there are also reports that a member of the royal protection guard responsible for the royal family security sold a list of phone numbers to the "news of the world." >> these things we're hearing are absolutely appalling. and what people need to know is that i'm determined we will get to the bottom of this. >> reporter: there are already signs that the expanding crisis is affecting news course business. today the prime minister nick clay called on rupert murdoch to back down on his deal to merge with a british tv network.
4:58 pm
met with the parents of 13-year-old millie douler. "news into of the world" hacked into her phone after she was murdered. in its time, he said, it's time to do the decent and sensible thing and back off this deal. stephanie gosk, london. that's news4 at 4:00. news4 at 5:00 starts right now. tonight on news4 at 5:00, a star student murdered in maryland. why the fbi thinks she may have been the victim in a child porn ring. debt showdown. it's down to the wire and tonight president obama delivers an ultimatum to lawmakers to hammer out a deal. code orange conditions across our region. and tomorrow could be even worse. and this truck will soon be rolling out.
4:59 pm
it's not serving food, but it could make you rich. and good afternoon. we have a busy afternoon. i'm wendy rieger. >> and i'm jim handly. we begin now with breaking news out of montgomery county, where i-270 has been shut down because of a major gas main break. both sides of the interstate are now shut down at clarksburg road. just before 4:00, a six-inch gas line broke. and while crews are in the area, they were in the area doing construction. we are told that area residents will be without gas service while crews are making those repairs. now, no word yet on how long 270 will be closed off, but you should avoid the area if at all possib possible. for the latest, we're joined by scott graham with montgomery county fire. chief graham, tell us what happened. take us back to when this happened, and how serious this situation we have right now. >> well, jim, first of all, this is a pretty significant inci

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